Friday, October 15, 2010

More Devastating Facts about the Puritans!


  1. Hi Theresa

    Sorry for posting a comment off topic but I wanted you to know that, a week or so ago, at the Shameless Popery blog, I posted three comments trying to give some answers to your question in your comment to the post "All Things Mormon."

    Re: Your earlier post discussing Belgian chocolate. If you are ever in the Wahington, DC area, visit the Leonidas store on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.

    Good blog. I hope you are really just a hungry writer and not a starving writer.


  2. Wallis,

    I am a well fed writer, thanks to my husband. I will have to check out your answers on Mormonism.


  3. I know, I was surprised when I found this out about the Puritans. They were a very contradictory bunch.


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