Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hell has frozen over: Lutheran leader invites Pope to participate in anniversary of the Reformation

Why should I miss out on all the fun?

Luther is rolling in his grave and the end of the world is at hand. How else can you explain this weird event? The year 2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation and the Lutheran World Federation has invited Pope Benedict to help plan the festivities. Yes, you heard that right. The pope will help celebrate the beginning of the Reformation. Perhaps the pope or the Lutheran World Federation has gone mad? Or maybe the pope doesn't want to miss out on a good party. After all, the party is going to be in Germany and we all know how well they party.

Actually it isn't too shocking, since Lutherans and Catholics have made great ecumenical strides in the past decades. In 1999, an historic document was signed pertaining to the doctrine of justification by faith. Both Catholics and Lutherans, "share the conviction that the message of justification directs us in a special way towards the heart of the New Testament witness to God’s saving action in Christ: it tells us that as sinners our new life is solely due to the forgiving and renewing mercy that God imparts as a gift and we receive in faith, and never can merit in any way."

For those of you who attend, I will be insanely jealous. Just think of me when you play a riveting game of pin the thesis on the church door and eat some delicious heretic potato pancakes!

Lutheran leader invites Pope to participate in anniversary of the Reformation | Christian News on Christian Today

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea at Trianon: The Boring One?

Ferocious as a tiger, sweet as a lamb, determined to a fault and as charitable as a saint, all describe Catherine of Aragon

If you haven't checked out the discussion yet over at Tea at Trianon, please do. It is a rousing debate on Catherine of Aragon's personality and the origin of Henry VIII's cruelty.

I think I had a little to much fun, but I felt I was back in my college history classes. This is why I love blogging.

Tea at Trianon: The Boring One?

Warning...More of my Poetry. Run If You Have Too!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey...Who Are You Calling Short?

I went to Belgium and all I found were some chicken bones!

About eight years ago, I eagerly participated in an archaeological dig in Belgium.  The focus of the dig was outside of the castle's medieval walls, in hopes of determining how long the area had been settled.  Most people get excited when I tell them about my archaeology experience, however, I must assure you it's nothing like you see on TV.  For days on end we dug, scrapped, dusted and shifted through the soil not finding a single item.  After a couple of weeks, bones were found and everyone thought we might find a skeleton.  Nope, all we found was a chicken bone, which was in the medieval garbage pit.  We found shreds of pottery, horse teeth and some pretty rocks, but no human skeletons.  Sometimes archaeology stinks.

Archaeologists in England, however, have found more than chicken bones after excavating a mass grave dug for the casualties of the Battle of Towton during the War of the Roses.  Over 28,000 men died in this pivotal battle, which put Edward IV on the throne and the men who died, long to tell the tale of their lives.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Totally Trashy and Historically Inaccurate, But I think I'll Love it!

It looks like showtime is coming out with another 'historical" drama. The Borgias family, dubbed by showtime 'the original crime family', is about a powerful family in Renaissance Italy. I best be reading up on them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The History of Childbirth and Nell Gwynn

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm a 6'1" Supermodel and Thomas Jefferson Lived Like a Monk.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Cross of Laeken: St. Dymphna

Hear us, O God, Our Saviour, as we honor St. Dymphna, patron of those afflicted with mental and emotional illness. Help us to be inspired by her example and comforted by her merciful help. Amen.

In the Catholic tradition, saints help humanity by interceding on our behalf for God. Saints can heal us and provide us protection.  Over the centuries, saints have become patrons of a group of people, a condition such as pregnancy, an action or place. For example, St. George is the patron saint of England and St. Joseph is the patron of carpenters.

Over at the blog "The Cross of Laeken," he discusses the patron saint of mental illness St. Dymphna. While she was the daughter of an Irish king, she died at the age of 15 in Belgium.

Throughout history, St. Dymphna has inspired the citizens of Geel, Belgium to humanly care for the mentally ill. Those who would normally live in asylums or on the streets, live with a host family and work or perform other task during the day.

We must open our hearts and follow their lead, if we desire to prevent another devastating shooting. If we don't, history will repeat itself.

The Cross of Laeken: St. Dymphna

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Vatican Library in the twenty-first century:

Have some tea, but don't spill it on the books!

In my previous life, I was a librarian for a small academic library and working at the Vatican was a distant dream of mine. The Vatican's library has so many treasures that new documents get discovered all the time. Enjoy!

The Vatican Library in the twenty-first century:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Save this French Town.

Catherine Valois begs you to save this poor town!

This is a disturbing article from the blog "Tea at Trianon." Expecting the world to end in 2012, foreigners are buying up properties near a mountain in Southern France believing they will be taken away by aliens when this happens.. Strange

Tea at Trianon: Bugarach
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