Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey...Who Are You Calling Short?

I went to Belgium and all I found were some chicken bones!

About eight years ago, I eagerly participated in an archaeological dig in Belgium.  The focus of the dig was outside of the castle's medieval walls, in hopes of determining how long the area had been settled.  Most people get excited when I tell them about my archaeology experience, however, I must assure you it's nothing like you see on TV.  For days on end we dug, scrapped, dusted and shifted through the soil not finding a single item.  After a couple of weeks, bones were found and everyone thought we might find a skeleton.  Nope, all we found was a chicken bone, which was in the medieval garbage pit.  We found shreds of pottery, horse teeth and some pretty rocks, but no human skeletons.  Sometimes archaeology stinks.

Archaeologists in England, however, have found more than chicken bones after excavating a mass grave dug for the casualties of the Battle of Towton during the War of the Roses.  Over 28,000 men died in this pivotal battle, which put Edward IV on the throne and the men who died, long to tell the tale of their lives.

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